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30 Second Retro

Improve your meetings by using the last 30 seconds for a fun and insightful retro

Do you ever feel like your meetings could be more productive? The 30 second retro is a technique that can help.

By providing a quick and easy way to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement, the 30 second retro encourages open communication and collaboration among team members.

It’s a simple process that can be repeated regularly to continuously improve the quality of your meetings. Watch the video to learn more about how this technique can benefit your team and help you achieve greater success.


At the end of your meeting walk to the nearest flip chart or whiteboard.

  1. Draw a scale from five to one.

  2. Ask the first participant how valuable the meeting was.

  3. Put your hand next to the number they give and ask how to make it one point higher.

  4. Draw a diagonal line from the given number to the next one and write the feedback on top.

  5. Repeat with the next participant.

  6. Choose the most common feedback and highlight it.

  7. Implement the feedback for the next meeting.

Repeat the process tweaking the question so it doesn’t get boring. You will se dramatic improvements to the meeting.

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