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A CEO asks you how to make his organisation more agile

Spoiler: The answer is not to say how we improve the delivery organisation

Are you struggling to make your organization more agile? In this video, Ricardo and Sam discuss the common question of how to make an organization more agile. They suggest that instead of jumping into creating safe release trains or scaling models, we should address the broader question of how to make the organization work better.

Zawadi recommends understanding why the CEO wants to make the company more agile. Often, it is because of issues such as slowness, red tape, or inefficiencies in certain areas of the organization. By aligning on these problems, a more effective and efficient approach can be taken to make the organization more agile.

If you’re curious about how to approach the question of making your organization more agile, watch this video to learn more about Zawadi’s approach. By understanding the underlying problems and aligning on a strategy to address them, you can make your organization more agile and efficient.

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