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Rejecting Project Managers is not SCRUM It's Dumb

Or the Birth of Agnostic Agile

Are you tired of hearing that Scrum is the only way to do Agile? You’re not alone. In a recent conversation, Sam Zawadi and Ricardo discussed their experiences with Agile and their frustrations with the Scrum community’s dogmatic approach.

Both Sam and Ricardo have been working with Agile for decades, but they came at it from different perspectives. Ricardo was a troubleshooter who naturally fell into Agile practices, while Sam approached Agile from a delivery management perspective. Both found success in working in short cycles and letting teams plan their own work.

However, they both noticed a trend in the Agile community, particularly in the Scrum community, of dismissing project managers and insisting that Scrum was the only way to do Agile. This narrow-minded approach turned many people away from Agile, leading Sam to found Agnostic Agile.

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